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Sight Reading Tricks and Tips for all Piano Students (and Teachers too!)

All musicians will agree: Sight Reading is an important skill to master, regardless of the level of study or the instrument that you are playing. All good musicians should have a good fundamental understanding of the music they play. The … Continue reading

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New Statistics on Music Education and Cognitive Development

It has long been accepted that music education helps students become more prepared for a lifetime of learning. New studies now show statistical evidence linking music lessons to measurable gains in focus, discipline, and critical thinking, meaning the connection between … Continue reading

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The Importance of Local Music Festivals

As long as I can remember, I have been a supporter and believer in the greater good that comes from participating in the local music festival. There are many great benefits that come with participating in Kiwanis, Rotary, or local … Continue reading

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4 Exciting Ways to Introduce Students to New Pieces of Music

As music instructors of all disciplines, we work to inspire our students at all stages of their development. One important area in which all te    achers inspire their student is when the teacher introduces a new piece of music for … Continue reading

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Music and the Mind: The Benefits of Music Education

In recent years, there have been many important studies completed on the many benefits of music on young minds. There are many cognitive and social benefits including an increase in test scores, a better understanding of math, science, and language. … Continue reading

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