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Motivational Quotes: Food For Our Lives

  From time to time, I come across some great motivational quotes as I surf the internet. Lately, I have been captivated by quotes from professional musicians. It is amazing how many profound statements have been passed down to us … Continue reading

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A Poll For All Teachers: What Motivates Your Music Students?

Motivation is such an important aspect of the learning process for any discipline. Teachers, parents, and students all require motivation from a variety of angles. This poll is specifically designed to begin discussions around motivation in the music studio. To … Continue reading

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Encouraging Consistent Practicing: A Guide for Parents

Without practice it is almost impossible for a student to continually improve at their instrument. Extra practice is extremely important for every music student on the road to improvement. Although the music teacher cannot be in your home to oversee … Continue reading

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Top 5 Questions All Parents Should Ask Before Starting Music Lessons

In a recent article published in the Washington Post, local music teacher Stephen Williams wrote an article that will hit home with all parents. What questions should be asked prior to starting music lessons for their child? “In more than … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways to Make Practicing Fun

Practice is a dirty word. It conjures up images of going through drills, exercises, plenty of effort for little reward and frustration. While learning a new piece may be hard, the strategies don’t have to be. Remember: there is a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Musical Training on Your Brain

   Neuroscientists are discovering multiple ways that musical training improves the function and connectivity of different brain regions. Musical training increases brain volume and strengthens the communication between brain areas. Playing an instrument changes how the brain interprets and integrates … Continue reading

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A Short Technology Survey

In this day in age, we are plugged in! There are many devices that we use on a minute-by-minute, hourly, or daily basis! In the music education community, there are many various pieces of hardware that have become an important … Continue reading

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