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Caveman Rock Music, Rediscovered!

As stated in the title, this is a play on words! We associate the words “rock music” with a specific sound that first occurred in early rhythm and blues music and has moved through many historical changes over the years. … Continue reading

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Motivational Quotes: Food For Our Lives, Part 2

Now that the school year has come and gone and we are in the beginnings of the summer season, enjoy the following motivational quotes to soothe the soul, harness the creativity within, and recharge the batteries for the school year … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to Practice Scales (and other technical exercises)

As a music teacher, I personally have a challenge getting students to enjoy practicing technique. There is the occasional student that likes working through the many hours of technical training that are necessary in each school year. Most students would … Continue reading

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Music Truly Can Be Enjoyed By All! (including animals!)

As a favorite past-time, I enjoy surfing social media and you-tube for new ideas to share. Within the age of sharing materials, it is amazing what one will find! Everything about this video is perfect. An American jazz brass band … Continue reading

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Childhood Creativity Leads to Innovation in Adulthood

“I’m an Angel” by Trevor Mikula My 6-year-old daughter has been exposed to the arts regularly since the beginning of her life. Her mom has ensured that regular creative outlets include: painting, pottery, photography, sculpture, ballet, piano, violin etc. Our … Continue reading

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To quit or carry on: Tips to help your child enjoy music lessons after the “honeymoon period” is over

From time to time, parents ask me to share some tips and tricks to engage and encouarge their children to stick with music. In response to these requests, please enjoy the following article, found at the following website: Your … Continue reading

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Supplementary Music: What To Teach and When To Teach?

Throughout the school year, every parent, music student, and music teacher require certain types of motivation. There are many of the following: deadlines to complete, practicing to be done, lessons to be taught, music to be learned, as well as … Continue reading

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