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Baby Steps and the Learning Process

Recently, my second daughter, Ada, turned 1 year old. She is a very happy little girl that is full of life and full of excitement. She has a natural interest in her world. Recently, she began walking on her own. … Continue reading

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Austin woman has been teaching piano for 81 years, and counting

As a musician, music teacher, and music professional, I love my job. I can confidently say that I feel very fortunate to enjoy every aspect of the day-to-day work that comes through my computer, email, phone, and through my door. … Continue reading

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New Poll: What summer activities are you planning?

It is the summer season. Time for relaxation, a change of routine, and a time of reflection. For something interesting and new, here is an informal poll to assess the types of activities that we are enjoying this season. Please … Continue reading

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7 Techniques to Boost Your Practice Habits

We all know that in order to improve at something, we need to work on it. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” When I think beyond that simple three word phrase, what does practicing truly mean? Does the … Continue reading

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Inspiring Creativity in the Music Lesson

It is amazing how creativity can take many forms. The same can go for motivation. This post discusses how students of all ages engage in the many aspects of creativity and motivation in their own personal musical journey. In my … Continue reading

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Reacting to Sound

For those of us in the general population that have the ability to hear the world around us, we take our gift of hearing for granted. All of our senses (touch, taste, hearing, speech) are forms of communication with the … Continue reading

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Innovation in the Classroom: How Technology Impacts the Daily Lessons in Public School Music Programs

Innovation is an important word in this day in age. Educators around the world are looking for ways to encourage students to enjoy the learning process. Technology, formed in a variety of ways both in software and hardware, is always … Continue reading

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