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Scientific Reasons Explaining Why We Should Teach Music In School

Organizing and implementing a successful school program requires a variety of resources. Monetary resources, talented staff and teacher, willing participants. In music programs across North America, a sad reality has surfaced in the past few years: budgetary cuts have taken … Continue reading

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Donations: Tracking the Impact

In this day in age, it is common knowledge that music education is a beneficial activity from a variety of angles. Public school music education activities and private music education activities have the same overall benefits. In the public school … Continue reading

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13 Reasons Classical Music is NOT dead

Throughout history, music that is considered to be a part of history has always had a small stigma associated with it. The new, exciting sounds of tomorrow always seem to out-weight and out-play the old sounds of yesterday….or so we … Continue reading

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Music and Food: An Interesting Pairing

As a fun diversion, this video showcases the professionalism and perseverance that occurs in a live music performance. The orchestra featured in this video is playing a very intense and emotional piece of music. To add more drama to the … Continue reading

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