Music and Food: An Interesting Pairing

As a fun diversion, this video showcases the professionalism and perseverance that occurs in a live music performance.

The orchestra featured in this video is playing a very intense and emotional piece of music. To add more drama to the music, halfway through the performance, the entire orchestra eats some of the HOTTEST peppers in the world. While their mouths are literally burning, they finish the piece. Please note that during the performance of the music, while their pallets are on fire, there is not one moan or groan to interrupt the music that they are performing. After the piece of music is finished, the reaction to the food they have eaten speaks louder than words!




About mymuco1

Ian Green wears hats in many areas of the music industry including: co-founder of a technology start-up company that designs music education tools for mobile devices and the internet; music educator; music festival adjudicator; professional classical and jazz pianist; member in good standing of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of provincial council of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators Association (C.M.F.A.A.) Thanks!
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