Matt Keenan: “Through it all, the piano provided a soundtrack”

“There was a time in this country when every home included three things: green shag carpet, an RCA record player and an ashtray. In the late ’60s you could add something else to that list: an upright piano.

And pretty much every child took piano lessons. Money was tight in most households; no matter — parents found a way for piano lessons. That was the case with me and my four siblings.”

These are the opening paragraphs from a great article by author Matt Keenan, a freelance journalist living in the United States. The article features a candid and honest perspective about the inner beauty that comes with music lessons as well as the inner-worth and natural release that come with all musical study.

Thank you for reading this article, it will make your day! I know that it made mine!


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Ian Green wears hats in many areas of the music industry including: co-founder of a technology start-up company that designs music education tools for mobile devices and the internet; music educator; music festival adjudicator; professional classical and jazz pianist; member in good standing of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of provincial council of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators Association (C.M.F.A.A.) Thanks!
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