Elementary music teacher says the ‘key’ to teaching is rapport

Piano student 1

Author Sarah Guinn recently wrote an inspirational article on the importance of creating a rapport between the teacher and the student.

“More than 600 students come through Alison Smart’s classroom at Nelsonville-York Elementary School, and she can tell you a vast majority, if not all, of their names,” Principal Becky Dalton said.

From kindergarten through sixth grade, kids file into Smart’s classroom, which boasts 18 full-sized electric pianos, each with its own set of headphones.

Smart established her classroom in 2005 when she started her first — and only — teaching job at Nelsonville-York Elementary, and since then has coordinated school plays and Christmas programs, all of which have been well received by parents and community members, Dalton said.

So, how does a teacher bring out music in kids as young as kindergartners, and as old as adolescents? It’s rapport, Smart said.

To read the complete article, click here.


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Ian Green wears hats in many areas of the music industry including: co-founder of a technology start-up company that designs music education tools for mobile devices and the internet; music educator; music festival adjudicator; professional classical and jazz pianist; member in good standing of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of provincial council of Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association; member of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators Association (C.M.F.A.A.) Thanks!
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