Ian Green, author of the blog My Musical Community and co-founder of My Musical Community Inc. ( can be reached using the following avenues:

Twitter: (@MyMuCo) (@iangreen27)




We look forward to chatting with you!




3 Responses to Contact

  1. Dear Ian Green,
    I don’t know if you already read my new book The (Well) Informed Piano. It is available on Amazon and other sites. I would like to suggest you to take a look to its contents and ideas. If you do find it interesting, perhaps you might write about it in your site or review it.
    Please, let me know if I can be of some help with this.
    Thank you.
    Miguel G. Henriques

    • mymuco1 says:

      Hi there, I have not had a chance to read your book as of yet, I would enjoy reading it as a part of the annual summer reading blitz that I look forward to every year! If possible, what topics would you like me to share with my audience?

      Thanks again for the idea, I will keep an eye out for the book and will take a read soon.

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