About MyMuCo: My Musical Community


Thank you for visiting My Music Community!

My Music Community is a blog space is an information share center that centers around the important mission to inspire music teachers, music students, parents, musicians, and the general public

My Music Community is designed as a space in which anyone can learn and discuss many of the fundamental elements of the music education journey.

The author, Ian Green, is a professional music teacher with over 15 years of experience who teaches piano lessons, theory lessons, collaborative coaching, and musicianship. Ian is co-founder of a MyMuCo Inc., a high-tech start up company that creates music education resources for mobile devices and the internet; is a member of a variety of professional teaching associations; is an accredited adjudicator; is a member in good standing of the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators Association; sits on the Provincial Council of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association; and is a full-time classical pianist and jazz pianist.

There are many common threads that help encourage music students to be successful in their studies.

Most importantly: there are also many common challenges that all musicians, music teachers, and parents of music students encounter during the learning journey.

My Music Community is designed to help all visitors to learn about the many sides of the learning process, to gain insights about the many aspects of this process, and to spark conversations that will help to create a strong community of support for all users.

Thank you again for visiting! Please visit My Music Community frequently to check out exciting new content such as:

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– interesting blog posts written by Ian Green

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4 Responses to About MyMuCo: My Musical Community

  1. Miracle Eze says:

    This is really cool, I love music, I love singing, I want to learn how to play instrument and I want happy when I listen to music.

  2. Great initiative, Ian, much appreciated! I am wondering if you can help me with this: I’ve been blogging for six months now about playing the piano, singing and the techniques you can use to practice efficiently. To give my readers more value, I am curious to know what topics are most interesting to the amateur musician and which challenges they face.

    Your input is highly appreciated! As a thank you gesture, I would like to offer you my anti-struggle plan, free for you and your students to use. If needed I will translate it in English.

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